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Scratch off maps are such a cool way to document your travels, and the fun doesn’t have to stop there. Movie enthusiasts can now proudly show off the films they’ve seen, while staying anxious to scratch off/view more famous movies. Which is why these are sometimes called “bucket list movie posters”

Unlike a geographical scratch off map, movie scratch off posters are obviously subjective. It’s going to be difficult to find the perfect poster for you based on movies that you’ve seen or want to see. You’ll find that most of these movie scratch off posters try to claim the “top 100” or “best” movies. Quantifying movies this way is quite difficult given the subjective nature of art, and the fact that great movies continue to be released. The scratch off movie posters below each do a great job of showcasing the top movies both past and present.

Best Scratch Off Movie Poster – Best Reviewed

bucket list movie scratch off

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Size: 16.5″ x 23.4″

Makers of a popular travel scratch map, Enno Vatti currently makes the best scratch off movie poster. What jumps out with their poster is the sleek look of it. The main black background and gold foil over-top reminds us of a movie poster which is very fitting. When you get your poster you can start scratching the movies you’ve already seen, which reveals some very cool and artsy icons that represent that movie. The color scheme and palate they use are unmatched which make it the best looking movie scratch off poster. The top 100 films they chose closely resemble the top 100 of the IMDB top 250.

The Enno Vatti poster is the best reviewed poster on Amazon, however our personal favorite is made by SolartUSA. Take a look at their awesome poster below.

Best Scratch Off Movie Poster – Our Favorite

movie scratch off poster

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Size: 17″ x 24″

Our personal favorite movie scratch off poster is this one made by SolartUSA. What we like about this one is the overall artistic style of the poster. Even if the film is not scratched off, you can still see a super cool custom design showcasing the movie. Long story short- it looks great even if you haven’t seen all the movies.

Another reason we love this movie is it is actually in chronological order. Underneath each film is the year it debuted in theaters, which is a great way to organize in our opinion. The SolartUSA poster goes all the way up to 2017 with the film Get Out. We expect new classics to come out in the future, but for now this is a great poster to showcase both past and semi-present classic films.

What more motivation do you need?! These guys have a great selection of must-see films starting in 1933 with the original King Kong and spans 84 years further.

Keep in mind that these posters do not come with a frame, so if you want to frame it you’ll need to head over to our article highlighting the best ways to frame a scratch off poster.

Best Scratch Off Movie Poster – Most Movies

600 movie scratch off poster

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Size: 17 x 24″ (both posters are this size)

There’s no contest! The most movies on a scratch off movie poster we’ve come across is the poster made by MyMap.

If you want to step up your game, the MyMap movie scratch poster features 600 movies! This is by-far the most we’ve seen in one product offering. The art/look of these posters is not as nice as the 2 listed above, but if your goal is to scratch the most movies off, this is the poster option for you.

The MyMap features 2 main movie poster scratch offs while offering a bonus gift poster (making 3 total). The 3rd, bonus poster is only movies released in 2019.

Star and heart stickers are provided as another bonus which you can use however you’d like.

True movie buffs will thoroughly enjoy the level of detail put into the MyMap poster. Six-hundred different movies to scratch off dwarfs the “top 100” format found in most of these bucket-list movie scratchoff posters, so it just comes down to what you prefer or what type of gift you want to give. The first 2 posters listed look much better than the MyMap poster, but don’t offer nearly as many films to scratch. The choice is yours, and yours alone!

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