Best Scratch Off Map of the United States

Most people are familiar with the scratch off world map, but another great addition to the family is the scratch off map of the US. You’ll typically find the US states are broken out on scratch off world maps, however due to size restraints, don’t allow for much detail. Check out our top choices for these US specific scrachable maps below.

[1] Overall Best Scratch Off Map of the US: Maps International

Size: 36″ x 24″

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  • Updated Large size
  • Tons of detail
  • National parks shown

Maps International also makes our top choice for the best world scratch off map, so it’s no surprise they’re our favorite US map as well. The US version of their map also features exquisite detail rarely seen in a scratch map. What helps to achieve this detail is the large size. Most other US maps are small in comparison.

It’s great to see a scratch off map that has the detail of a standard classroom style US map. Not only can you show where you’ve been but you can also see such detailed things as capitals and other cities, terrain, highways, rivers, lakes and more.

You could almost call this a scratch off map of North America. Along with the 50 US states, you can also see and scratch off Canadian provinces, Mexico and many Caribbean islands. It’s a nice touch and one of the most underrated parts about the Maps International.

We also think the Maps International is the most ‘adult’ map given it’s style and attention to detail. You could also describe the style something you’d find on the wall of a classroom. Other maps have brighter colors and less detail making them great for children, but in our opinion, this one is the best designed map of any of them.

This is a huge map compared to the competition, because it’s printed at the A1 poster size. This is great for two reasons, it’s huge, and also it’s easily framable. Since A1 is such a popular poster size, you’ve got tons of great options when it comes to framing your scratch off map.

If you’re looking for something a bit simpler, and or something for kids, we have some other awesome favorites below.

[2] Best Scratch Off Map of the US for Kids: Bright Standards

Size: 24″ x 17″

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  • 10% goes to charity
  • Land marks
  • Adventures
  • Lots of free accessories included
scratch off us map for kids

Kids love activities, so why not get them an educational activity they will love? The Maps International map is a bit grown up, but we think Bright Standards makes the perfect scratch off us map for kids.

The Bright Standards map is great for all ages, but is especially appealing to kids thanks to its bright colors contrasted on a black background. It’s also quite educational because of all the fun cartoon landmarks and points of interest shown all over the map. This is a great way for kids to learn what makes each state unique.

Each time you travel to a new state and scratch if off, you’ll get to see the fun designs under the foil for that state. An example of this is The Alamo in Texas or an alien in New Mexico,each new trip is a great way to learn some new things about where you’re at, or where you’ve been.

The awesome pack of extras helps to make this great map even better. They include a tool for scratching off your map, pins, flags, stickers, a cloth and an eraser. As if that all wasn’t enough, a travel journal is also included.

[3] Most Artistic Scratch Off Map of the US: Scratch Story Maps

Size: 18″ x 12″

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  • Scratcher, stickers and magnifying glass included
  • Incredible colors
  • Unique design
artsy scratch off us map

This is a bit of a smaller map compared to the rest on our list, but that’s because there’s not much detail. This is more of a compact map that showcases the simplicity of scratch off maps. You won’t find cities or terrain or any landmarks, just a super artsy and fun scratch off US map.

The design looks like something handmade you may see on a site like Etsy, making it easy to find a cool frame and showcase on your wall without it looking out of place.

The colors on the Scratch Story Maps can be described as “watercolors” that are rich and really pop even against the plain white background. The text is a nice cursive/wispy font that adds to the artsy feel to the map.

If you’re looking at an equally artistic way to frame your new map you should take a look at hanger frames. These frames include a clamp for the top and bottom and have a wire or string that allows the frame to hang. A great bonus is that these frames keep the surface of your map uncovered making it easy to scratch without removing the frame.

It’s not the biggest or most informative, but this map would look great on anybody’s wall. The low price is also one of our favorite things about it. If you want a great looking, simple but artistic US map, this one’s for you.

Scratch off US maps are such a great addition to any home, office, dorm or anywhere! They provide a great way to track your US travels and inspire you to travel more. Road trips are an easy way to scratch off more states, and can truly be a life changing experience along the way.

If you’re looking for a scratch off United States map, we hope our list above helped you to find the perfect map for you.

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